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tv   CNN Newsroom  CNN  September 1, 2011 9:00am-11:00am EDT

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>> i am good to go on the chest right now, my friend. so thanks anyway. good to see you, as always. the crew. we will talk to you soon. hello to you all. i am t.j. holmes sitting in today for kyra phillips. is this a bad sign? they are debating about the president's jobs plan but they can't agree on when he should deliver the plan. that's where we are now, folks. the president asking to address congress on one night. the republican speaker of the house says that night doesn't work for us. you know the story by now. obama requesting the joint session for congress on wednesday but the same night the presidential candidates, the republican presidential candidates are holding a debate so speaker john boehner says do it on thursday, mr. president but we have a problem there too. that is the night the nfl is kicking off its season. now trivia, maybe you'll say, but the white house is saying that would be a distraction the white house wants to avoid and wants the country focused on
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what the president has to say but the president did agree to move his speech to a week from today. next thursday, yes, the same nights the saints and the packers are kicking off the season. the bickering raises even more doubts whether the two parties can agree on anything. brianna keilar is with me from the white house now. this is a bad sign or are we making too much of this? okay, they switched the day. a little back and forth but this is not the biggest deal right now. >> reporter: it's not the biggest deal, t.j., but it is a big deal because this speech that the president is going to give laying out this plan, this is intended to be a pivotal moment for him, a very important moment and already this setup to that pivotal moment is essentially being botched here it's not surprising that the white house had to bend here and move from wednesday to thursday because there really wasn't a lot of coordination, if any at all, with congress. we are talking democrats and
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republicans as well. the white house says it consulted with republicans. we are hearing from white house press secretary jay carney they were given about 30 minutes notice. i heard from a republican aide it was more like 60 minutes notice to the speaker before this was announced yesterday, this letter that came out, but that is not really a lot of time when the protocol is something like this, joint session to congress which is a big deal, quite the spectacle on capitol hill. usually a lot more time that is put in to coming up with the date on something like that. >> the other thing here, is this just how it's done? a lot of people don't know the behind the scenes of the president setting up an address like this, but how does it go? it seems like the president asked to come by on one day. it doesn't seem like you should have the option that day doesn't work for us. >> reporter: let's talk about, say, the state of the union. the state of the union is a very, very big deal and quite
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the formality. what you would see with an addressed session to the congress is something similar. you would have the white house and congress and in this case, the folks who are in charge of the schedule for the house and the senate. so republicans in the house, democrats in the senate. you'd have them working on this for some time. they would probably go back and forth about days that worked and then there would kind of be this invite, this letter which would be the request of the president, or in this case, simply the invitation coming from congress, because really this is congress, t.j. this is really congress' imperative to invite the president to do something like this and why he sent his letter it was a request for the opportunity to address congress. >> brianna keilar giving us some of the inner workings of washington. it's not always pretty. good to see you. jim acosta, we are talking about the night the president originally wanted. the republican candidates will
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have their debate but they are starting to weigh in now on this back and forth on this speech. what are satisthey saying? >> reporter: no price this is a political football out on the campaign trail. take michele bachmann at a tea party express rally in iowa last night and couldn't resist poking the president on the timing of this big jobs speech. >> now does this show maybe a little insecurity on the part of the president? either, a, he wants to distract the american people so they don't watch him, or, b, he doesn't want the american people to hear what the next president of the united states is going to say about the president's job plan! >> reporter: another republican candidate jon huntsman unveiling his jobs plan yesterday up in new hampshire. and he was asked about the president's controversy over the timing of this speech and he
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said, t.j., that when you don't have a jobs plan, you sometimes resort to political theatrics accusing the president of basically scheduling this speech on the night originally of the gop debate, purely for political reasons. t.j.? >> this doesn't look too good right now. the latest numbers at least on the president's job performance. >> reporter: that's right. there is a good reason why the president has scheduled this jobs speech or was trying to schedule this jobs speech yesterday and now finally has a date and time nailed down. and all you have to do is look at the latest cnn/orc poll that came out this morning. how is president obama handling the economy? t.j., you know, we look at a lot of poll numbers every day and sometimes our eyes glaze over and we wonder, boy, does this mean anything? take a look at this number. no eyes should glaze over. they should be popping out of the skulls at the white house when these numbers come out.
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34% approve and 65%, 2 out of every 3 americans disapprove of the president's handling of the economy and how do americans feel about the economy right now? not very good. even wider margins when it comes to how americans feel about the way things are going in the country right now. badly, 73% and well, 28%. t.j., these are terrible numbers going into a re-election year, and the reason why people like michele bachman are feeling good about the republicans chances next year. >> jim acosta, thank you. we will have your next political update in one hour. always get all of the political news 24/7 at cnn/ five days now since hurricane irene first made landfall and still from north carolina to maine, we got about 2 million homes and businesses still without power. a lot of towns and communities
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still cut off. bridges washed out. roads impassible and, in some cases, food is running low. in vermont, the national guard there providing air drops of food and water and medicine. on sunday, president obama will travel to new jersey to view the damage. susan candiotti, tell us where you are and what you're seeing. >> reporter: i'm in wayne, new jersey, right across the bridge from little falls. to give you an idea of a high water mark here, look at the top of that car vacuum. we are in the parking lot of a car wash. i'll step down this curb here very slowly because the current here runs pretty swiftly. here is a leaf to show you how normally it floats away. i am told it is normally calm here. under normal circumstances this is great real estate because it's on the banks of the passaic river but look over that way, we are 30 yards or so from where the river starts and, obviously,
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as you can see, it's hard to tell where the passaic river starts and where the parking lot begins. a lot of businesses and, obviously, a lot of homes, sections of wayne in falls river remain under water and remain cut off unless you have a boat. if you swing over this way, you can see a street. there is a neighborhood back there that we toured yesterday because someone had a boat with them and we went down there. there are some people that have refused to leave, absolutely refused to leave. the national guard is standing right high by here and have boats they are tag back to those areas. never during the nighttime because it's far too dangerous even for them and only go in now more or less to look around but if someone needs rescue. obviously, it's tag up a lot of their time and effort also being out here. they are hoping the water will reason to recede and go down far enough by the weekend to allow more people to go in and start cleanup. >> susan candiotti for us there,
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thank you. 10 minutes past the hour. we turn overseas. they are trying to put libya on a path to democracy. representatives from 60 countries including secretary of state hillary clinton gathering in paris today and meeting with libya's rebel leadership. so big challenges certainly lie ahead for the libyan people and the libyan leadership now. cnn's max foster is joining me now from london with that. hello to you, max. >> reporter: hi, t.j. interesting. we had an interview earlier with david cameron, the british prime minister. he is co-hosting this event in france with the french president. he was very keen to point out they learned the lessons from iraq and after the iraq invasion, you had the situation where the reconstruction and the security wasn't handled properly and a lot of aid money actually went missing. you say a lot of challenges for the rebel leadership. they have to convince the likes of secretary of state clinton they are safe to hold this
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money. let's have a look at what the papers are saying about this. the "wall street journal" refers to this in an owed torial saying the libyans are lucky. they have wealth and a favorable location close in europe. slightly more spiky comment in "the gulf news" with the headline libyans must fully liberate themselves. while u.s. yet to offer rebuild libya nato seems giddy to get involved in charting the course of the new libya with france leading the way on that front and might not be along before na nato's victory in libya becomes a political-military dock rin in its own right. it will be interesting. this is the first step really of the new future for libya and it's going to be interesting to see what secretary clinton makes of those rebel leaders as the new controlling force in libya. >> max foster for us in london,
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thank you, as always. coming up, steven lynn was planning to take some pictures of his house as he flew overhead. but when he looked down, what he saw was somebody robbing him! coming up, he is going to join me right here to tell us what he did next. also, prince harry is coming to america, but this is no vacation. he is going to be training on a helicopter gunship. all of the details ahead. stay with us. 11 past the hour. [ female ] we will always be dependent on foreign oil. [ male ] using clean american fuel is just a pipe dream. ♪ [ female announcer ] we're rolling away misperceptions about energy independence. did you know that today about a quarter of all new transit buses use clean, american natural gas? we have more natural gas than saudi arabia has oil.
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14 minutes past the hour. they say surf is up a all the time but that is something people say but it is this time
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along the hawaiian and california coastlines. national weather service issued high surf advisories even. big swell should diminish later in the week. in california, solar company visited by president obama last year has now shut down. they announced the lay jaw of 1,100 employees at its fremont manufacturing plant. the company will file for bankruptcy protection. in san francisco, here we go again. another iphone prototype has been lost. according to c-net an apple employee left the thing in a bar back in july. apple not commenting on this story. and this story may sound familiar to you. a similar tale happened proceeding the release of the iphone for last year. listen to this now. pilot david you hudson flew over steven lynn's arkansas home. lynn wanted to take the ride so
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he could take some aerial photos of his property. but instead when they looked down they saw two men robbing the house. the crooks took off. they followed in the plane overhead and called 9:00. listen to this. >> north/south turn on 625. >> going north on 625? >> uh-huh. they are just now come to 158. it looks like they see an officer. >> so he is giving the play-by-play there and telling the police where to go. the suspects were caught. david and steve are joining me now. thank you both for being here. steven, as you're looking down, did it take a moment to process really what was happening at your house? >> yeah, it really did. i was kind of in shock when i looked down and seeing that i was being robbed. you never expect to see something like that. >> when you saw it, i'm assuming you were angered by it.
9:16 am
did you feel like you had options? >> it's a helpless feeling watching and knowing there is nothing you can do to stop them. all i could do is call 911 dispatch pechl teem ateam and t good job of getting an officer there. >> david, did you have some options? i don't know how many vehicle/aircraft chases you've been a part of before but it didn't seem like the best idea. >> right. no. i was thinking what could we really do? and then steven dialed 911 and everything went really good. >> but, david, you did give chase. we are looking at some of the video here. this is not like you're going through downtown atlanta. this is northeastern part of the state of arkansas, kind of a rural area. did that certainly, david, make it easy for you to try to keep up with these guys? >> it really did make it easy. it's rural arkansas, a farming community and it was really good. >> all right. steven, as you kept up this
9:17 am
pursuit, was it easy to give the police as well the play-by-play? i assume you know the area fairly well but you sound like a sdacher yourself or a police officer as we listen to that 911. you know all of the streets and you tell them exactly where to go. >> i grew up in the area so, yeah, it was fairly easy for me to give direction. >> now did you see it all go down at the end when the police were actually able to corner these guys? did y'all see that and was all of your stuffed recovered, for the most part? >> i'd says at least 90% of it was recovered. still a little bit missing. it was parent they made two trips. no proof of that yet. but, yes, we did get to see them get out of the car and then we had to go to the airport and land. >> david and steven, this is an interesting story and interesting video and interesting audio there as well to see it happen. glad it did work out, but, gentlemen, appreciate your time and say hello to my folks there in arkansas, all right? >> yes. >> thank you.
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>> 18 minutes past the hour. coming up, prince harry has already seen action in afghanistan but he is about to see some action in the arizona desert? he is going to be training on an apache helicopter gunship. also some folks taking to the internet and some of the message boards out there to criticize "dancing with the stars" for adding chaz bono to the lineup. the show and chaz's famous mother speaking out. nice wheels. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome. your dinner's in the microwave, dear. ♪ where do you want to go? just drive. [ engine revs, tires screech ] mom? ♪
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20 minutes past the hour. showbiz headlines. after mike tyson's popular stint in the hang jo movies, they are saying the creator of entourage
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will team up with mike tyson and spike lee for a new hbo show called "the brick." it is a show that will be based on tyson's life. can i listen to this for a second? ♪ hold on >> i love that. next story here. marc anthony breaking his silence in an interview with "good morning america" he is answering questions about the breakup of his marriage to jennifer lopez. >> do you love jennifer? >> i'll always love jennifer. yeah. always love jennifer. she knows that but the important thing is she knows that and my kids know that. >> the couple has 3-year-old twins. they were married for seven years. dancing with the star's executive producer is pushing back at online message board flak they got by adding transgender star chaz bono. conrad green tells the hollywood reporter we don't have any agenda of any sorts.
9:22 am
bono underwent female to male gender transition in 2010 and chaz's mom used twitter to defend him saying, this is still america, right? it took guts 2 do it, end quote. prince harry coming to the u.s. next month. but for very different reasons from when his brother was here not too long ago. max foster is live in london to tell us more. max, we saw this is no vacation here and it won't be the kind of scene we saw when his brother and brother's new bride came to the u.s. not long ago. >> reporter: no. we are told all of the information is coming from the military because he is part of the military and training to fly apache helicopters which pretty lethal machines and this is the final stage in his training. he goes over to the u.s. for two months. he is going to be in yellow band in arizona and also in california for that training. they are prij lethal machines. he'll learn how to fire them and once he is finished with that training, he will be qualified to fly them in battle zones.
9:23 am
but he is going to be there for two months and it's strictly professional. no public engagements whatever we are told. >> that is going to be rough for the media maybe here in the u.s. and, again, we forget sometimes these are professional soldiers, even though, yes, they are royals. so the media shouldn't expect to see him at all? >> reporter: not a thing. no media access whatsoever. there is a photo release when i arrives by the military and when he leaves, they are going to release some footage of him in action in training, and there will ab short interview, but no interviews at all, no media coverage at all. i know there is a lot of interest in the u.s. and uk in this. we will see how they manage to field this. i think he may be forced into an interview at some point but the military is controlling this and they are very anti of that. >> max foster, thanks so you as always. 24 minutes past the hour now. fewer people applied for
9:24 am
unemployment benefits last week. possibly a shot in the arm? that is the one the economy needs right now? we are going behind the numbers just ahead. also, in texas, wildfires are burning thousands of acres there as well as in oklahoma but mother nature may be the one bringing some relief. [ doorbell rings ] hello there. i'm here to pick up helen. ah. mom? he's here. nice wheels. oh, thanks. keeps me young. hello there, handsome. your dinner's in the microwave, dear. ♪ where do you want to go? just drive. [ engine revs, tires screech ]
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erika erica. aerk aerk erica.. partisan bickering. surprise, surprise. over a date for the president to address a joint session for congress. the republicans weren't informed before the white house announcement. now the president has agreed to move back the speech from next wednesday when he had asked to next thursday. heads of the 9/11 commission warning of a gap in anti-terror measures. new report says nine recommendations made by the
9:28 am
panel in 2004 have still not been followed. also no u.s. service members were killed in iraq in august. it's the first month without an american military death there since the 2003 invasion. days after hurricane irene swept the east coast, almost 2 million people still without power. in new jersey some of the people evacuated their homes are now returning to check things out. the white house says president obama will travel to patterson, new jersey, this weekend. he'll get a look at the damage for himself. also in vermont, crews have patched almost all of the roads leading to about a dozen towns that were cut off by the flooding. let us say good morning to mr. rob marciano. another hurricane, another storm to deal with. >> yes. >> right now. should we be worried just yet? >> we will be worried about a couple of things. one more so than the other. to put a positive spin on this,
9:29 am
one may bring good news. first off, katia september 11th and 12th is the peak of hurricane season. no surprise on the heels of irene we have another hurricane. katia is about a thousand miles out east of the leeward islands. wind 75 and became a hurricane overnight and moving westerly at 19 miles an hour. here is the forecast track from the national hurricane center. a category 3 storm over the weekend and moving in the general direction of the united states. some longer range models bringing a couple of cold fronts through that may nudge this out to sea. can't give the all-clear on this just yet but we are hoping for that. the other big news weather wise a critical fire danger across the planes. oklahoma and texas hit with wildfires. video from oklahoma. at one point shutting down the
9:30 am
interstate there and we expect to see the most critical danger today with high winds and dry conditions. across texas, possum kingdom lake fire seeing some action overnight but they have got a little bit of containment with this about 25% containment, but there have been as many as 39 homes destroyed with this. and 400 homes threatened. 101 ranch fire they are calling this. 6,200 acres have burned with this thing and not full containment but today the temperatures will be a little bit cooler. only a hundred degrees for a high and winds won't be quite as bad and hoping this comes this way. this is the gulf of mexico. this is what could becoming tropical storm lee. hurricane airport expected to arrive afternoon and investigate it. not a big steering current. not very strong right now. computer models are all over the map with this and have no idea
9:31 am
what to do with it. we are hoping it brings rain to texas but it could me aneder in the gulf of mexico through the weekend and potentially strengthen into a hurricane. p. we don't know at this point and know later on today when we get the hard-core data back from the hurricane hunter. we call it a spaghetti forecast map and looks like a bowl of spaghetti today. >> technical term? >> yes. >> very nice. rob, good to see you, as always. thank you. new sign the job market may be improving just a bit. the government says fewer people applied for unemployment benefits last week. christine romans, what does that mean exactly? >> reporter: it means 12,000 people, fewer people lined up for the first time for jobless benefits last week. t.j., i mean, it means that the economy isn't getting worse. it means mass layoffs are not picking up. it means the striking verizon workers aren't on the roll.
9:32 am
the verizon situation, over 409,000 people filed for unemployment benefits so these are first-time filers. not people unemployed for a long time just new first-time filers. anything above 400 thousand is a weakness in the labor market. it's not as bad as it could have been and not as bad as the week before. here smi wois my word. churn. churning in stock prices and churning in general as everyone tries to get a sense of what is happening in the jobs market, what we can do to improve it, and the political atmosphere surrounding that. i expect a lot of churn about jobs and about stocks here in the near term. >> what will our churning be like tomorrow? expecting more numbers? >> reporter: expecting maybe 80,000 jobs created. so this number i was just telling you about is the weekly report, shows jobless benefits. the big number tomorrow is the monthly jobs report, sort of the grand daddy of them all. we want to see how many jobs
9:33 am
were created. in an economy that has 306 million people and 150 million people in the labor market, how many jobs did we create? the forecast is only 80,000. positive jobs growth but not enough to keep up with new people coming into the work force. the unemployment rate expected to remain steady at 9.1% and know for sure tomorrow and get a look in what the government says where we are creating jobs. so far health care and temporary work and some kinds of businesses service and we will see if that continues tomorrow and get a good sense whether the economy is healing and whether the jobs market is healing before a politically charged week next week when we hear the president's big plan what to do about the jobs situation. >> christine romans, thank you. some critics of president obama say in the race to fix the economy, the president has forgotten about the poor. well, if you want somebody to come to your defense, it helps if he is 6'10". one of the president's supporters here to defend him and he is coming from the nba.
9:34 am
that is next. also ahead, sizing up colleges? large versus small. find out what students see as the pros and the cons. stay with me. 37 minutes pas
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9:37 am
now. in this debate how to fix the economy, some of president obama's critics say he has forgotten the poor in america. talk show host smiley is one of them, one of the president's most outspoken critics. >> the president ought to do more. the poor ought to be a priority. he ought not to have signed that debt ceiling legislation that hole in the noor that poor people are falling through. when you say the president wants to extend unemployment benefits why sign legislation that did not extend unemployment benefits? that is the question. >> smiley was sitting next to cornell west. he says the critics might not
9:38 am
have it right. mr. thomas you may recognize him playing for the atlanta hawks and he does writing for us on he has a latest piece in which he defends the president. good to have you here, my man. we know the president, presidents get criticized smiley and west have strong criticism. so what is wrong with that? >> well, i definitely have the utmost respect for dr. west and mr. smiley. so this wasn't a personal attack on them at all. i wouldn't try to discredit the me messenger. i don't think the president has turned his back on the black community at all. i look at the specific things he has been able to accomplish through health care and education and job creation and, you know, the evidence just doesn't support the accusation that he just has turned his back altogether. >> when you hear them, you hear them saying he's not just not doing enough, but you hear them saying he's doing nothing or
9:39 am
like you said turning his back? >> yes. you know, and the thing is i understand the frustration. i mean, i paid attention to their poverty tour. i read the accounts of them staying with homeless people and, you know, we have a real problem right now. according to the u.s. census bureau, 9.1% of the country is unemployed right now. 45 million people living in poverty. these are real issues. but don't make enemy of somebody who is fighting on your side. now, if you want him to do more, that is understandable, of course. but don't act like he is not doing anything and don't act like we are better off with the opposition. i mean, if you really, you know, if you really want to have something to complain about, you know, wait and see if the opposition takes office and we would really need a poverty tour then. >> you have xaped for the president. you are certainly one of his
9:40 am
guys but with smiley and west, do you see this as a ballots of personalities, it's something personal between them and the president and do you think they have a motive to try to press the black vote, keep black folks not as enthused about going to v vote for this president? do you think they want him out of office? >> honestly i don't want to deal with that. i have too much respect for them to think that petty politics and personal differences and personal offenses would take place here. i look at the facts they are saying and i respectfully disagree. i look what the president is fighting for and he is on our side, he is. he is not somebody who is an enemy of us. >> for folks who do want to read the opinion pegs piece, cbs news and click opinion and weigh in on this discussion. etan, look forward to you back in atlanta playing for the hawks
9:41 am
and win the season if the even ever gets going. go to see you, my man. >> thanks a lot. coming up, choosing the right college in a tight economy. how do you do that? >> if you're serious about wanting to go straight to school and get your education and go to your career, then the small school is great. >> small college versus a large college. not one size fits all here. what gives colleges the competitive edge? we are talking about it.
9:42 am
9:43 am
44 minutes past the hour now. in nwhite fish, montana, a
9:44 am
27-year-old employee of glacier national park is missing. jason rigby never showed up for work on monday morning. believe he may have gone hiking before his shift. they have been looking for him ever since. nine days ago, this is coming to us from a high school in virginia. not too far from the quake's epi center. they say another aftershock was felt a few hours ago. ft. collins, colorado, a second year in a row, allstate insurance finds the city the safest to drive based on the frequency of auto accidents. seven of the top ten cities picked by allstate of those of a million people or less. college is under way in parts of the country. millions of students going back to school, but before enrolling students had a decision to make. do you want to go to that big,
9:45 am
nice, fancy school that has the college life that you wanted so badly and has the name recognition or should you settle for a smaller university? george powell goes in-depth. >> reporter: college life on a large campus. >> there are screens everywhere that tells you the sustainability of the building so you go upstairs and you see the rooftop garden. >> reporter: it that is what made eli to join georgia tech and the excitement of college football. >> you go out on gameday and there are alumni that have graduated two years ago and graduated 40 years ago and all coming back because they love georgia tech. >> reporter: all part of what they describe as a diverse marketing package. >> the marketing dollars that are out there, really come from a lot of different avenues and angles and that is probably something of a larger, especially a research university is going to have maybe an advantage over a smaller school.
9:46 am
>> reporter: from a campus of more than 20,000 students to nearby clayton state university. >> if you're serious about wanting to go straight to school and gate your education and go to a career the smaller school is the way to go. >> reporter: taylor johnson decided this smaller school was the right fit with record enrollment of 6,900 students. >> this is the place to be for biology majors. >> reporter: how do you cut through the noise and how to get students to think of clayton state? >> we do lots of one-on-one and go to college fairs. >> reporter: the director of recruitment and admissions at clayton state, betty says the university has plenty new and renovated facilities but there is another key factor. the cost. >> i know they are one of the least expensive schools in the university system of georgia. >> reporter: that is especially important during a recession and the university's president sees the difference. >> a lot of those students are
9:47 am
older students who are also looking for an opportunity to access quality, higher education. >> the class sizes are very small. i have great attention from the teachers. >> reporter: todd williams chance fered from clayton state to a larger university so he knows the best of both worlds. for some students it's all about smaller class sizes and a closer connection to their teachers but at larger universities you can find classes like this where there are more than a hundred people in a class. at the end of the day, williams says students have to decide what is important to them, as colleges compete for their attention. george howell, cnn, atlanta. >> students illegally using the adhd medicine adderoll. we are take a look at this trend growing on campuses nationwide next.
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9:50 am
well, about ten minutes at the top of the hour, some stories making news later today at 11:00 eastern in paris, the international community meets on the future of libya's transitional government. also at 11:00 eastern in washington, d.c., the staff of the national cathedral begins media tours of the quake damaged edifice. at 1:30 eastern time carpathia pacific airways holds a nonstop pacific flight between chicago and hong kong. let's check in with correspondents, we start with susan candiotti. >> reporter: i'm in waterlogged wayne, new jersey by boat i'll give you a tour of a
9:51 am
neighborhood that remains cut off from the rest of town, i'll have that live report in a few minutes. >> reporter: i'm jim spellman in possum kingdom, texas, a wildfire destroyed dozens of home and threatening more. >> i'm elizabeth cohen in atlanta. venus announces announces she has chogrin's syndrome. what it is and why it took years to get that diagnosis. a disturbing new report that the u.s. still has big security gaps when it comes to fighting terrorism.
9:52 am
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9:54 am
as we get close to the top of the hour, have you heard the news? venus williams is already out at the u.s. open, but an opponent didn't beat her on the court necessarily. jeff fischel has scary and shocking news. >> something happened she never made itten othe court. venus williams won her first round match and now she'll watch the rest of the tournament from the side lines. venus has sjogren's syndrome. she did not play in her second round match. she basically resigned out of the tournament. venus only played 11 matches all
9:55 am
year, nagged by injuries and said she has a virus. her agents says they're worried. andy roddick ranked the 21st seed for the men needed four sets to beat michael russell. roddick advances to the second round. he won last time in 2003. this is a moment ryan braun fans might not forget. he comes around third, he gets up, oh! it's the tekd tisecond time rea makes himself look bad. he gets a laugh about it. he has the worst moment of his career, the brewers did lose, they still lead the a.l. straf by 8 1/2 games. >> the guys aren't used to running all-out sprints. 90 feet. >> he clearly was starting to
9:56 am
lose his legs. brian wilson has the most impressive beard in baseball. look who he was able to do with it yesterday, break a bat with it. come on. might be sneaking in there. it's cracked. it's impressive, black beard does it again. the giants did win 4-0 without him, he's disabled so he can work on stunts like that. remember the $50,000 hockey shot nate smith nailed it, dad fessed up to the switch? the insurance company won't pay for it. the one brother was outside the arena, the other brother did it, and the rules of the game were
9:57 am
this guy is the guy that has to make the shot and it was an incredible shot for sure. >> what is that dad teaching those children, all right, jeff good to see you as always. new mexico state police officer has explaining to do, got caught in the act of having sex on the hood of his patrol car. jeanne moos explains this one. >> reporter: if you think they're shocking pictures. >> oh. >> reporter: yeah. >> oh. >> reporter: imagine the mortgageification felt by the state police officer caught having sect on the hood of a car with a brunette woman in broad daylight in woman, at least he still had his clothes on. >> i'm glad it wasn't one of high deputies. >> reporter: two fphotos came from a camera aimed at deterring
9:58 am
vandalism pointed at the entrance to a county owned ranch. the cameras captured a new mexico state police officer having sex on the hood in this desolate spot. the state police have conducted an internal investigation, a spokesman says they don't believe there was any criminal activity, but that the action on the hood in uniform does violate the state police code of conduct. the unidentified officer has been placed on administrative leave with pay, as his fate is being decided, but there's something else. do you see anything else odd about this picture? >> a voyeuristic animal. >> reporter: the only eyewitness was variously destroyed as a prairie dog, a small mammal pervert. what is the creature watching, a chihuahua, what is it? >> i think it looks like a chihuahua. >> a squirrel watching them have
9:59 am
sex, right? gathering nuts, sorry. >> reporter: either it belongs to one of the participants or it stumbled on the scene. some even said they thought they'd recognize the chihuahua. >> ay-yi-yi. >> reporter: the taco bell chihuahua died of a stroke years ago. >> the dog is participating. >> reporter: no. >> it's probably hot and sexy and with all of the stress in the world, it's somebody's fantasy and escape so obviously it's working for all three of them. >>-o mucho baby. >> reporter: jeanne moos, cnn, new york. we're at the top of the hour here in the cnn newsroom. hello to you all. i'm t.j. holmes in for kyra phillips. it's been five days since hurricane irene made landfall but still from new york stock exchange to maine almost 2 million homes and businesses
10:00 am
without power. bridges are washed out, roads impassable and in some cases food even is running low. in vermont the national guard is providing air drops of food, water and medicine. on sunday president obama will travel to new jersey to get a look at the damage for himself. we have two states still struggling to recover. we want to check in on now, susan candiotti in new jersey, amber lyon in vermont. susan, we start about you. the president is going to be headed your way this weekend. what do the people want him to hear and see? >> reporter: i think the message very likely will be send us help and more likely than not send us money. of course this state has been declared a federal disaster area by president obama and so help is very likely to be on its way. we're standing in the middle of a parking lot and over here is a street. this street leads to a neighborhood, a neighborhood that obviously remains cut off, unless you can go in and out by boat. we had that chance yesterday, some people who live back there
10:01 am
or know people back there gave us a ride. >> this is lake pasaeic. >> reporter: now called lake pasaeic. i'm seeing what it are probably the tops of the fences leading up to the front door. that is not a house on stilts, that's a garage underwater. they stayed around that house? of course lost the car. oh, a classic mustang lost. you've gone through this time and again. why do you and other people still live here? >> well, what are you going to do, can't sell the house, you can't give them away down here. >> reporter: here is a sign that has a double meeting, road closed, a few hundred feet ahead, local traffic only. at this point it's local boat traffic only. you are bea to start school your senior year in high school coming up in a week. >> yes. >> reporter: what's going through your head in. >> how am i going to prepare for school, my clothes, everything is stuck at school. everything is closed to go shopping. the mall is down.
10:02 am
i don't know where to go. >> reporter: you have the suitcase you were able to run out with. >> five pants and five shirts. school starts in one week. >> reporter: probably won't be the only ones. >> plenty of them, plenty. i have so many friends that live on this street, too. >> wow. >> reporter: is this the first time you're seeing it? >> yep. >> reporter: how do you begin to think about the cleanup involved here? what's going through your head? >> i don't want to think about that right now. as long as we're safe, that's good. that's the main thing, to be safe. then the cleanup comes next. >> reporter: and trying to keep people safe you've got the police, you've got the national guard out here, the fire department, everyone pitching in. they occasionally go into the areas by boat to see whether any of the people who refused to evacuate who stayed behind if they know any water, food,
10:03 am
medicines. a lot of people have got all that but in case they might have to go in, to give them a hand. the good news is the water is beginning to recede. just since we've been out here it's gone down two feet. with any luck the water should be down low enough time this weekend for people to go inside and get real cleanup work under way it. >> susan candiotti in new jersey, thanks. we turn to vermont where amber lyon is. she's in wilmington. what is the view from there? >> reporter: we're here in the center of town, this is the main bridge giving access to this community and this exemplifies the problem across the state as road crews rush to return some sense of normalcy. when floodwaters came through the waters took out the bottom, the foundation and here all the way to that orange cone that area is unstable and that
10:04 am
happened all over the state so road crews have to replace the asphalt and foundation. if you look at asphalt it can only be laid down in certain temperatures. when it gets too cold out they can no longer replace roads. here in this town, 1,800 people and i was sitting at a cafe today talking to a man who says i want you to know, amber, this was a flash flood. we did not have any type of a warning that this water was coming. within eight hours this river over here crested all the way to the bottom, this tin part of dot's restaurant, so you're looking at 30 feet there within eight hours it rose and then dropped and business owners here did not have time to move their inventory outside. earlier some dump trucks have come in there and cleaned up a lot of the piles, you would see pile after pile of debris, lost belongings and some people they
10:05 am
lost their retirement, t.j. >> amber lyon with a view from vermont, thank you as well. we turn to texas and oklahoma, the opposite end of the story. they could use some water, a lot of it. they even could use a tropical storm and they're hoping for one, in this ongoing fight against destructive wildfires. possum kingdom, lake texas, second round of wildfires destroying upscale homes this year. the recent outbreak threatens a lot of people's labor day plans. similar story in oklahoma city, their second round of grass fire this is year, currently two big fires burning, got authorities closing roads, evacuating neighborhoods as buildings burn, a good note, there have been no fatalities to report in these fires. hello again to jim spellman in texas. same old stories, same old song
10:06 am
in texas. we were reporting this not too long ago. >> reporter: yes, you know, you touched on it, they could use water here. that's really what they need. this drought is so intense and going on for so long the conditions are ripe for the slightest spark to start a fire. this fire is not a huge fire but it happened in the middle of a populated area, the popular resort area, possum kingdom and the house this is fire hit about 39 now that we know are destroyed it just leveled them. these were big substantial brick houses and they were destroyed, flattened. it's that perfect combination of the high temperatures, drought conditions, the winds and populated areas. today firefighters are meeting trying to devise a plan for today. yesterday they hoped to get the fire under control. when the winds picked up it sent embers flying and started new fires and they had to pull back and expand the evacuation area. right now the winds are calm and they're hoping to get a handle on it. with conditions like this, new
10:07 am
fires can break out at any time from here up to the fires they're experiencing in oklahoma city. the drought is that severe. >> jim, you mentioned some homes, building already burned but give us a better sense of how many more homes and populated areas, how many people even are under threat from these fires? >> reporter: sure, so far the latest figure we have is 39 homes destroyed, at least 400 more are in the direct path, and are at risk of this fire, is what firefighters tell us here. hundreds of people had to be evacuated. a lot of these homes are second homes so they were unable to get accurate figures of how many people were evacuated. when the winds pick up they can carry embers for a mile away so they've had to continually expand this evacuation area, so definitely a lot more people potentially a threat here, t.j. >> jim spellman in possum kingdom lake in texas. we turn to rob marciano,
10:08 am
after hurricane irene it seems everybody would be saying no, keep that tropical thing away from me. they're saying bring it on. >> they are and we're trying to do that the entire state of texas is in exceptional drought or the majority of it, and oklahoma is having its share of problems as well. let's try to get some rain back through texas. we've got a little bit of a swirl here trying to develop, and right around in through there, hurricane hunter aircraft will go out and fish around, sniff around, see if they can't find something-something. national hurricane depression is thinking this will become tropical storm lee in the next couple of days. we'd love to bring it to texas as a tropical storm and no greater than that, with significant rainfall but our computer models have no idea what to do with this very, very weak steering currents and this is what we have to offer as far as guidance goes, meaning we just have no clue. so just stay tuned with this, best chances are in louisiana for heavy rain but it may spin
10:09 am
out there and sit through the weekend and may not come onshore until next week. if that happens it has time to develop into something greater. maybe like katia, category 1 storm. is this a threat to the u.s. and the east coast still reeling from irene? it's a category 3 status over the weekend, general direction of the u.s. so that makes us nervous yes but notice a bit of a northerly jog, looking ahead there's a couple of strong cold fronts coming through next week and hopefully this one which is going to cool down a good chunk of the country, hopefully that nudges katia out to sea. at this point the timing is too far away to say for sure. meantime hopefully what'sing couping in the gulf of mexico could be good news for texas but could be a bad situation for other people. we're ten minutes past the hour now. we're following a bizarre story out of canada, authorities have found what looks like a severed
10:10 am
human foot in waterways in british columbia. max foster has the details for us. i said "a" i should say they found another. >> it's weird and grisly, a young boy found this in vancouver in a creek, a foot in a sneaker with a leg bone still attached, pretty grim experience. as you say what's interesting about the story, this is the 11th foot that they've discovered in canada over the last four years and there hasn't been one for a while. no one knows why this keeps happening. there's been a major police investigation. they don't know who the feet belong to and how they ended up in the water. various theories, they were perhaps the feet of the victims of the asian tsunami in 2004 or they may have been stowaways on ships but no one has any idea why this keeps happening and it's a very, very strange thing.
10:11 am
>> max foster like you said, grisly, odd, a lot of theories out there but we have covered this story a number of times and each time another limb or foot seems to show up. max appreciate you once again. last year it was president obama paling it as the future for job growth. this morning more than 1,000 employees laid off at a silicon valley solar plant. also ahead the president versus the speaker of the house, what a difference a day makes in washington, d.c. [ male announcer ] it's a fact: your nutritional needs can go up when you're on the road to recovery. proper nutrition can help you get back on your feet. three out of four doctors recommend the ensure brand for extra nutrition. ensure clinical strength has revigor and thirteen grams of protein to protect, preserve, and promote muscle health. and immune balance to help support your immune system.
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10:14 am
14 minutes past the hour, some of the stories making news cross-country and the surf, check it out, it's up along the hawaii and california coastlines, as the national weather service issues high surf advisories. these big swells should diminish they say later in the week. also in california at a solar company this president obama visited last year has now shut down, cylindra announcing 1,100 layoffs and the company will file for bankruptcy protection. apple needs to put new security measures in place because they keep losing iphone prototypes. in san francisco another one has been lost, this report from cnet, an apple employee left it where else in a bar, back in july. this story might sound familiar because a similar tale happened right before apple released the iphone 4 last year.
10:15 am
president obama is due to address the nation next year on the economy. the day is thursday, that in itself has become a part of the story. we'll explain in just a moment but first a sampling of how concerned americans are according to a cnn/orc national poll only a third approve of how the president is handling the economy. nearly three and four americans have a gloomy view overall and believe things are going bad in the country. back to the scheduling issue of the. the's speech before congress. he asked for one night, the republican speaker said no. and all of us have another jaw-dropping sign of just how divided washington is these days. let's say hello to congressional correspondent kate bolduan in washington. good to see you. it's thursday, right? >> it is thursday but don't blink or move too far away from your television because it could
10:16 am
change. no, i'm kidding. next thursday is the date. this has become by all accounts a situation that's borderlined on the surreal that this fight has become so public. what we know is that president obama proposed to make an address to a joint session of congress on this much anticipated jobs plan that he'll be rolling out on wednesday, this happened through a letter, speaker boehner quickly replied in a letter saying that he was going to suggest that actually thursday would be a better day, logistical impediments would not get in the way as it was cited issues related to getting a security sweep in time, so there were letters flying back and forth, and much disagreement really on how much consultation ahead of time happened, if any, and there was a bit of a war of words that eventually we have come down to the president agreed to move the date to thursday, but i will tell you that speaker boehner, he held a
10:17 am
conference call according to a senior republican aide, held a conference call yesterday with republican members and said all of this flap really could have been avoided with more consultation ahead of time, a spokesperson for speaker boehner taking it further saying in a statement yesterday "it's unfortunate the white house ignored decades if not centuries of protocol of working out a mutually agreeable date and time before making any public announcement." i will say on the part of the white house, t.j., they say boehner and his office were consulted, did not make any objections. you no you can see what we've been following for the past 12 to 24 hours on this. >> we haven't seen gotten to the debate over a jobs plan and we can't agree on which day to do it. the other issue, i'll ask you, i know this is trivial or should be trivial but how does the president feel about going up against the packers and the saints. kickoff is supposed to be at
10:18 am
8:30 eastern, the president's speech at 8:00 eastern. are they concerned about where the country's attention may be? >> we have not heard if they are going to make a bet on who has more viewers. i think the president knows this is a very important speech. the congress knows this is a very important speech, any address to a joint session of congress is a very big deal and it comes with quite a bit of pomp and circumstance and gets a lot of attention and should get a lot of attention but they normally don't schedule it at almost the same time as another event that gets a lot of attention which would be the opening game of the nfl season. i think what we can take from all of this, the back and forth recapping now, this really underscores the tension that's already existed between the white house and house republicans, and if they can't agree on a date for something like a speech it leads many to wonder how they're going to agree on jobs initiatives, how they're going to agree on it further deficit reduction measures so a big question on
10:19 am
how much rest and what kind of different perspective members are able to get when they get home from the recess. >> kate bolduan, thanks as always. marc anthony is breaking his silence on his split with jennifer lopez. hear how they came to the decision to divorce. your showbiz update is next. can
10:20 am
10:21 am
marc anthony breaking his silence about his split with jennifer lopez. also chaz bono's famous mother defending him on twitter, and mike tyson making a comeback, but is it in the ring? "showbiz tonight" host a.j.
10:22 am
hammer joins know now. a.j. always good to see you. marc anthony, kind of a surprise. was he candid here? >> he was pretty candid. he told abc their decision to split up was made mutually and this is the first time marc is speaking out since he and j. lo blind sided everyone in july from what appeared to be one of the most solid marriages in hollywo hollywood. he fired back at the tabloid reports out there that the reason they broke up was because he was cheating on her. i'll play for you a bit of the interview which aired on "good morning america." >> what can you tell us about what went wrong in the marriage? >> i'll tell you that it wasn't -- it wasn't some sensationalistic happening. >> infidelity? >> absolutely not, nothing sensationalistic. these things happen. these things happen. >> do you want this divorce? >> you know, it's a decision
10:23 am
that we made jointly. and that's how i'll answer that. >> so you know he had his language down but he did repeat a few tis in the interview he still loves jennifer and he added "this story is not over and they have stuff to do together and life to see together through max and emmy" the couple's 3-year-old twins. at this point looks like things have a good chance of remaining civil. >> you never know what's going on but you're right, a lot of people look at them and a number of couples that have surprised us down the road when they split. "dancing with the stars" was a pretty popular show. they've got some controversy before the season really starts that's going to probably get more eyes on the show. >> all of that started, t.j., when abc announced earlier this week that chaz bono, the son of cher and sonny bono would be a contestant. viewers began lashing out at abc on the message boards accusing
10:24 am
the network of pushing a ho homosexual agenda. chaz's famous mom has had enough of the backlash and cher is jumping to the defense of her son on twitter and i want to read some of what cher has been twit i tweeting. she is saying "lovely, chaz is being viciously attacked on blogs and message boards. this is america, right? it took guts to do it. i support him no matter what he chooses to do. god, will there always be haters? it took courage to do dancing with the stars. chaz tweets thank you for your support mom. the haters are motivating me to work harder and stay on dancing with the stars as long as i can." it's turning it into something positive. >> this has got to be good to have people talking about that
10:25 am
show. last thing here, mike tyson, that's what i need to see in boxing, mike tyson back in the ring, the heavyweight division is just not what it used to be so he's making a comeback, right? >> yeah but not in the ring. tyson is getting into the tv business, he's going to be producing. the former boxing champ is teaming up reportedly with spike lee, it's going to be mike tyson producing in a new series for hbo, entourage type show loosely based on mike's life growing up in new jersey. it's going to be set in currency newark, the nickname is brick city and the name of the show is "da brick." they're open to suggestions for an actor to play the lead. >> not yet but tyson is always
10:26 am
good tv, sometimes scary tv. he was great in "the hangover." good to see you, a.j. if you want to see a.j. some more, he's got all the news from the entertainment world this evening on "showbiz tonight" 11:00 on hln. the president some say blinked with john boehner. did he lose this round? our political panel is ahead. also the number of americans filing new claims for jobs benefits fell. christine romans is along to break down the numbers and exactly what they mean. ♪
10:27 am
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such as bleeding may worsen. people with certain heart conditions may experience slow heart rate. [ woman ] whenever i needed her, she was there for me. now i'm here for her. [ female announcer ] ask the doctor about your loved one trying the exelon patch. visit to learn more. well, bottom of the hour now, look at some of the stories making headlines. irene-linked flood advisories are still up for five states. the pasaeic river in new jersey
10:30 am
is expected to fall below flood stage today. hurricane katia churning into the atlantic, too soon to tell whether it to possibly affect the united states. two wildfires burning in oklahoma now threat kniening ed. political buzz is your rapidsfir look at the best political topics of the day. three questions, 30 seconds on the clock. robert zimmerman, p. dominick and will caine or as p. dominick called him on twitter the handsome but misguided will caine is here with us today. >> so good to are my confidence pete. >> you know, t.j., pete's got a good point there, my friends keep telling me will looks too good to be a conservative so i think there's something to that.
10:31 am
>> just give me topic number one and keep going. >> not sure if it's a compliment or not. first question of the day, obama moves the day for congressional address to accommodate speaker boehner. who came off looking bad in this showdown. 30 seconds on the clock. robert, start with you. >> okay, who didn't look bad in this showdown, t.j.? the reality is you've heard the phrase political limbo. how low could each side go to make their point? ultimately the speech the president gives on jobs and its follow-up is the story right now it's another example of how washington just doesn't get it. >> with time left to spare on the clock. pete pick it up. >> this whole fight looks like, sorry there's no women on the panel to criticize me for making the sexist comment. two women arguing which gets which wedding date. this is ridiculous. politics is perception. looks like president obama picked the night the republican
10:32 am
presidential candidates would be debating, that's what people are going to see and that's going to hurt the president. i think the obama administration looks worse here. >> all right and mr. misguided himself, who do you think looks bad? >> bravo, pete. you got to wake up and be a serious obama fan boy. put on your democratic jersey first thing in the morning to not see he comes off looking poorly. they had the debate scheduled for months and that's the night he picks? i also agree with pete we're not going to look at this as the scheduling conflict of 2011. israel, palestine, can you wait we have to work out this tuesday/wednesday thing? this is stupid. >> let's deal with it and move on. good point. rick perry has a strong lead among the gop contenders. will this to you first. is mitt romney being done being called the front-runner? >> he's only the front-runner t.j. if you're just doing this on gut feel. that's the only way.
10:33 am
there's been two polls putting rick perry in the lead, not 39-37, i'm talking double-digit leads over mitt romney and now romney is trying to sneak in the back door tea party rallies not the thing a front-runner does. that's not his constituency. rick perry is your front-runner. i don't know if he'll be that way in a month but he is today. >> robert, romney the front-runner anymore? >> you can't call any of them front-runners. rick perry is at 24%, which means 6% are shopping around. these polls are important to political pundits and to the media, but then there's political reality. front-runners are picked by how well they do in the early caucuses and primaries by the organizations they develop, and their message, ask fred thompson and howard dean how important national polls were to their candidacies. >> pete are you ready to call rick perry the front-runner? >> well i mean i think he probably is a front-runner right
10:34 am
now but as soon as donald trump flirted with the idea he was a front-runner, mitt romney sat back, michele bachmann, mitt romney sat back, rick perry is front-runner, mitt romney sat back. mitt romney sits back and we'll see who wants to be the biggest thecrat, michele bachmann and rick perry for the love of jesus the most. [ buzzer ] >> first time we hear the buzzer today. just 20 seconds on the clock that this time pete we start with you. i don't know if you watch "survivor." >> you bet. >> former star is thinking of running as governor of indiana on the libberitarian ticket. got us to thinking what other reality tv stars should run or maybe would you like to see run,
10:35 am
pete, for office? >> well i think the show "american idol" brings americans together so people who maybe won that but i think "survivor" is great training ground for political office what better show? they eat bugs and stab each other in the back, the competition to be in political office, that's a great training ground, either that or i suppose they could go work on wall street. >> no name, just anybody on "survivor" you think thinks. will, what about you? you got a name of somebody you think should run? >> t.j. i got names. this is in my wheelhouse. i'm not too elite to say i love reality shows. russell got in the finals every time and i'm not afraid to say i watch this, teresa from "real housewives of new jersey" now we're talking politics. >> i'm a little concerned, will,
10:36 am
do not admit that ever again publicly. robert? >> i tell you the machine is , s the man is misguided. >> robert give me names. who would you like to see run? >> i finally found will's wheelhouse. pete we'll talk later about the sexist comment about women choosing wedding dates. we have sarah palin, michele bachmann, ron paul, we don't need any reality tv stars to match folks. my choice andy cohen, if nothing else he'll find out a way to make a profit out of running for office. >> interesting, pete, robert good to see you, will, we will talk later. good to see you guys. thanks so much. 36 minutes past the hour. >> good to be with you. let me bring in christine romans, get a woman back on the show. was that a sexist comment to compare what was happening in washington over the date two women arguing over their wedding date?
10:37 am
>> i'm still thinking of will and the reality tv he must be watching. geez, whoa. >> maybe a little misguided but let's get back to the question at hand and what we're talking about, a sign maybe that the job market is improving. is this a real sign or at this point we'll take any good news we can get? >> the jobs market is like a reality train wreck. 9.1% unemployment, you look at these pictures from so many of these job fairs and as many people lining up to get a job as lining up to try out for "american idol" to get on reality tv. this morning we got another number, weekly jobs number, this is the number for how many people are lining up for the first time for unemployment benefits. first time above 400,000. 409,000 people lined up for the first time for unemployment benefits. in a healthy economy that is too many. anything really above 400,000
10:38 am
economists say shows you that you've got trouble and that you're not going to be able to eat into your unemployment rate. tomorrow the big jobs report looking for 80,000 jobs to be created. we've got more than 300 million people in the country. the unemployment rate may be steady at 9.1%, it's not getting worse, not like it was two years ago losing hundreds of thousands of jobs a month. what the president and what congress and what the super committee and all of our leaders have to have first and foremost here, how do they balance deficit reduction with job creation in the near term, and a big concern on wall street frankly that the political will is more like political battling and just real concerns about how they're going to get that done. >> christine romans good to see you as always. >> you, too. 39 minutes past the hour. we'll give you a new look on your screen now at the earthquake that rattled much of the eastern united states some
10:39 am
nine days ago and we'll tell you why things are a little more unsettled there this morning. also, venus williams is out at the u.s. open, and we're just in the second round with you she wasn't beaten by a player, she was brought down by a disease. we'll tell you about her revealing admission next. with diabetes, it's tough to keep life balanced.
10:40 am
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10:42 am
42 minutes past the hour now. i'll give you a look at stories making news cross-country and this is in montana near white fish, a 27-year-old employee of glacier national park is missing, they have looking for him since monday. looking athe surveillance video of the earthquake that
10:43 am
rattled the earthquake on the east coast. another aftershock from the august 23rd quake was felt just a few hours ago. also ft. collins, colorado, take a ride in that town, for the second year in a row all-state insurance names that city the safest to drive based on the frequency of auto accidents. seven of the top ten cities picked have 1 million people or less. even if you're not a sports fan, even if you're not a baseball fan look at the screen and you'll enjoying this. brewers all-star ryan braun hits it into the outfield. maybe the outfielder should have made the catch. i have a chance for an inside the park home run, oh my goodness, a professional athlete making millions and millions of the dollars and the young fellow can't run. no, it's a funny moment, it happens. these guys aren't used to be in dead sprints, he had to be in
10:44 am
one, rounded third and couldn't make it home. he was tagged out. let's turn to the u.s. open. andy roddick, 21st seed, he got to the second round, you'll remember andy roddick made a name for himself at the u.s. open in 2003 when he won it. another shocker from the u.s. open is that venus williams is out already, just in the second round but she wasn't beaten by an opponent, she released a statement saying she has sjogren's syndrome, an autoimmune disease. first of all elizabeth cohen, what is it? >> a disorder that affects about 4 million people, nine out of ten of them are women and you mentioned autoimmune disease. sometimes things get messed up and immune system gets messed up and we attack ourselves. it can affect people in a range
10:45 am
of ways. some people go about their life and they run marathons, other people it's much more debilitating. >> she is what age, somewhere around 30. >> around there. >> still a young woman. is that the right age when this would show up? do you even know? >> it shows up when it shows up. it shows up in children, shows up in older people, around 40 is often when it shows up so she is not too far off that mark, so yes this would be sort of pretty much textbook. >> she's still playing, not in the prime of her career anymore but got tennis left in her. is this something that could affect her career? >> we asked sjogren's foundation, we have toplets but also the disease attacks your kidney's and lungs and internal organs and they aren't running marathons are so incredibly fatigued they're not running marathons. she's obviously one tough lady.
10:46 am
>> the marathon runners are those the exception? >> i think you have to think about it as a disease that affects people in a spectrum, many different ways so for some people they're really feeling it, others not as much. >> also i understand this runs in the family, that had people thinking about serena. >> your genes probably play some role, perhaps her sister has a slightly increased risk of getting this. i don't want to overplay that. there's an excellent chance she wouldn't get it. there are so many other things. who knows why she got it, hormones, a whole bunch of other things. there's no reason for us to think her sister is in trouble. >> i don't know how many details she gave but is it possible she could have been fighting through it for years and finally she's like oh, i can't do this anymore. >> she mentioned years, "i've been fighting this for years and i'm thankful to have the diagnosis" that is so classic
10:47 am
for sjogren's patients. when you see the symptoms you'll see why. the symptoms are things like dry eyes and mouth, joint pain and fatigue. all of us have experienced probably all of those at some point. you show up to your doctor, i don't feel great, i'm tired, my eyes are dry, they'll think of a million other things. you have to be an empowered patient go to it's worth saying to your doctor, could i have this? >> we have to tell the doctor what to do. >> make the suggestion. >> you can't tell the doctor operate here. thank you so much. 13 minutes to the top of the hour. a warning about u.s. security gaps now ten years after 9/11. rescue workers, firemen, police, in many cases still can't communicate via radio? a new report says the consequences could be deadly.
10:48 am
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10:50 am
nearly ten years after the 9/11 attacks the u.s. still has major security shortfalls, the new security report from the 9/11 commission. our pentagon correspondent has more. >> reporter: the 9/11 commission's new progress report says ten years later, some emergency responders still can't communicate by radio in a crisis. some cops can't talk to firefighters who can't talk to emts. >> they died because of that in 9/11 and they died because of
10:51 am
that in katrina and they'll die because of that in other disasters. >> reporter: full body scanners failed to detect some explosives hidden within the body. >> our conclusion is despite ten years of working on the problem, the detection system still falls short in critical ways. >> reporter: the report did credit the government for better screening passengers before they get on planes and doubling its spending on intelligence. >> if you look at the number of recommendations it's a high percentage. >> reporter: the commission issued its original list in 2004 and of the 41 shortcomings nine have still not been addressed. >> which doesn't mean we don't look for constant ways to improve. >> reporter: that has to come in an economic environment where every dollar counts. >> the question should be not how much is this but is this worth paying for? is this good security? is this the best we can get?
10:52 am
>> the commission says homeland security has set up a system that tracks people who come into the u.s. and ensures they are who they say they are, but the commission says the exit part of that system has still not been completed, so the government doesn't know who is staying or who has left the country, they say a system like that could have helped authorities track at least two of the 9/11 hijackers who had overstayed their visas. t.j.? >> chris lawrence at the pentagon, thank you. former bush white house officials now in a he said/she said dispute. condoleezza rice said she never came to dick cheney's office in tears. [ male announcer ] to the seekers of things which are one of a kind. the authentic, the rare, the hard to define. to those always searching for what's pure and what's real
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10:58 am
condoleezza rice has a beef with dick cheney now over how he depicts her in his new book. cnn's jim acosta is here with the story. this often happens with folks after they leave administrations. >> it does, you've heard of kiss and tell books. dick cheney is doing a little more than kissing in this book, he's throwing sop serious punches, and you know he basically says that he got and the bush administration got most of what they wanted to do right during their eight years in office but one of the things that came up during the bush administration is the case made for war in iraq and you remember, t.j. that speech that president bush gave where he said that there was intelligence indicating that saddam hussein was trying to get uranium in africa. condoleezza rice eventually said you know what? maybe we shouldn't have said it that way. in his book dick cheney says we shouldn't have apologized for that and he says in his book
10:59 am
that condoleezza rice tearfully, he puts it, admitted to him that dick cheney was right and condoleezza rice gave an interview to reuters in the last day where she objected to the vice president questioning her integrity as she put it and so it just goes to show you even though they leave office, t.j., when they start writing books the fights can come up all over again. seems whenever dick cheney resurfaces the fight over the war in iraq, how we got in, how we got out, how it was handled, it seems to happen all over again. t.j.? >> people should probably get used to for a little while. the book it out and he's doing a round of interviews so more to come. jim acosta thank you as always. 11:00 eastern time, time to hand it over to suzanne malveaux. all yours. >> thanks. live news today at 11:00.


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